Every product in our shop is made from certified organic cotton and it is not necessary to wash before use. 

When it is time to give them a wash...

  • Blankets & Clothing: machine wash separately at 30 degrees with mild detergent. Select a gentle wash program with a gentle spin. Use a laundry bag where possible. Do not use laundry pods. Do not wash with any other items, as other brand's products can use dyes that can run onto our knits. 
  • Comforters: To help keep their shape, we recommend hand washing our comforters. 

Do not tumble dry, bleach, or iron our knits. Simply hang out to dry.

Knitted garments can snag. If you find a looped thread, try poking it back into the knit, never pull!

Our knits have been created with care and made to last. Each one is slightly different and these differences make them unique.