The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Baby: From Basics to Adorable Outfits

There's so much to learn about caring for a little one and dressing them can feel surprisingly tricky.  Whether you’re preparing for your first-born or in need of a refresher, this guide will help you build a comfortable and beautiful wardrobe.


    The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Baby: From Basics to Adorable Outfits

    Building a Baby Wardrobe: Key Principles

    • Layering: Small babies need help regulating their temperature. By dressing your baby in lightweight, breathable layers, you can easily adjust their outfit throughout the day. Moving from a warm car to a windy park? Add a hat or cardigan. Heading outdoors on a sunny day? Simply remove a layer. 
    • Minimise irritation: Materials that feel soft to an adult can still feel abrasive to small babies. Choose clothes that stretch to allow your baby to move and wriggle. Newborn skin is also very sensitive so choosing organic cotton avoids exposure to irritating chemicals and pesticides. 
    • Breathability: Dribble, sweat, nappy leakage - trapped moisture can cause skin discomfort. Clothing made with natural fibres allows air to flow and water to escape. Man-made fibres like polyester/fleece can restrict this natural airflow.
    • Accessibility: Young babies need to be changed as many as 10 or 12 times a day. Choose outfits that allow access to nappies without needing to remove lots of layers. Rompers and bodysuits with buttons, zips or poppers are a good choice. 
    • Mix and Match: Think "capsule wardrobe" – a few interchangeable pieces that create multiple outfits. This reduces the amount you need to buy and makes picking an outfit a breeze. With all of the busyness of being a new parent, it’s one less thing to worry about every day.
    • Easily Washable: Machine-washable clothes are essential. Natural fibres like wool and cashmere can be beautiful but may shrink or lose their softness in the wash. You don’t want to be hand-washing baby clothes in the precious few hours a day you have when your baby is sleeping.
    • Beautiful: Becoming a new parent can feel all consuming, but you don't have to sacrifice beauty for practicality. As soon as our kids could talk, they had strong opinions about what they would and wouldn’t wear. Having a baby that doesn’t complain is a real treat.
    • Buy less buy better: Invest in timeless clothing that will last being handed down to a brother, sister, or even a grandchild. 

    Newborn Baby Clothing Essentials

    Based on our experience as parents and feedback from our customers, we’ve picked our must-haves for any newborn wardrobe


    A one-piece outfit that’s perfect if you want to combine practicality and style. Our knitted rompers can be worn on their own in warmer weather, or paired with a bodysuit or cardigan when it’s cooler. They have handy turn-back cuffs at the hands and feet and button all the way down to make nappy changing easier.

    “This romper is so beautiful. It’s going to be my baby’s going home outfit for sure. The fabric is super soft so perfect on baby’s skin”

    – J.F, June 2024

    “I ordered this gorgeous romper suit for my first grandchild and it really is beautiful, the texture and details are divine! So soft and just love the scalloped edging”

    – A.M, June 2024


    Very handy for an extra layer of warmth in Autumn/Winter or for Spring/Summer mornings and evenings... Cardigans smarten up a basic outfit and they’re super easy to put on and take off. We recommend buying up a size and rolling up the sleeves to get extra wear out of them!

    “Cardigan a huge success. 3-6 months still being worn on chunky 9 month old”

    – K.H, June 2024

    “Love this so much we ordered it again in the next size up. They last for so long though and kind of grow with your baby. The quality is amazing! So happy!”

    – C.A, March 2024


    Leggings are the ultimate all-rounder. They work as a base layer, or on their own when it’s warmer. They look great with almost any other piece of clothing, making them a nappy-bag essential, perfect if your little one has a ‘blowout’! Believe us, it will happen

    “Amazing quality. The best online purchase for my new baby, i purchased two more for gifts!”

    – S. W, May 2024

    “I was in hospital for two days with my newborn. Dressed her in Isla and Fraser both days. Blankets, comforter, booties, cardigan, rompers. The best quality you’ll find. So glad I found your website”

    – R.M, August 2023


    Even babies blessed with a mop of hair can lose a lot of heat from their heads. It’s why maternity staff insist on putting hats on all newborns. As essential as they are, many babies find them uncomfortable. Make sure hats are as soft and lightweight as possible to avoid irritation

    “Perfect hat for walks! Just love the softness and style!”

    – C.E, March 2024

    “Cute hat. Bought to complete the full outfit of hat, romper, cardigan and booties. My newborn grandson looks gorgeous all cosy. Beautifully made, so soft and silky.”

    – S.E, March 2024


    Is there anything cuter than a pair of booties? Practically speaking, they keep tiny toes cosy and can even double up as gloves if you forget or lose them (we’ve been there). They’re also keepsake box essentials. Think of pulling them out in 20 years time to show your grown-up kids how small and cute they were

    “Booties were very special and the highest quality”

    – S.M, April 2024

    “Super cute. Just perfect for my little one. And so soft”

    – S.S, April 2024


    Ok, so it’s not technically clothing, but there’s no denying it’s an essential. You can use it for an extra layer in the pram, stroller or car-seat. It’s also perfect as a cover-up for feeding, or just for snuggling. You’re going to be washing this regularly, so it’s important to pick a blanket that you can put in the washing machine. If you’re using your blanket for naps or sleeping, be sure to followt safe sleeping guidelines.

    “Incredibly soft and I love that it is organic and a safe cellular breathable knit for baby”

    – C.M, April 2024

    “This is the second blanket and bunny we've bought for our growing clan of grandchildren. Delightful products, excellent quality and our littlies are very happy”

    – A.C., April 2024

    Keepsake Box

    A special box to store those tiny, outgrown clothes, first haircuts, and cherished toys. Our twins are still young, but every time we’re in the loft we can’t resist opening their baby box. It always brings back a flood of happy memories.

    Article Photography Credits: @hannaaliphotography, @brandphotosbyabimoore.