A Story with Every Stitch: Our Hand-Embroidered Baby Blankets

A Story with Every Stitch: Our Hand-Embroidered Baby Blankets

This month we chat to Britt from The Little Worne Store about what makes our Isla & Fraser X The Little Worne Store personalised blanket collaboration so special, and why they always sell out so fast! Britt lives by the sea in the UK and hand-embroiders each personalised blanket herself. We talk about how she set up her business, what she loves about her craft, and what a typical day looks like.

We are thrilled to be bringing these award-winning, beautifully bespoke blankets back on a monthly basis so make sure you set your alarms for the next restock...

When did you set up your business? How did the idea evolve?

"In 2018 my best friend had her baby, Liberty. I embroidered a hand-knitted cardigan I found at the charity shop for her. When a few more friends were having babies they all asked for a knit and I started posting and selling them. It snowballed from there with weekly drops. I set up The Little Worne Store in the summer of 2020 and started working with Isla & Fraser in early 2022"

What does a typical day look like for you?

"Wake up, have a cup of tea in bed with my baby daughter Rui (milk for her of course), walk down the hall to my studio, embroider for hours until lunch and if it's nice weather I'll try and do some gardening to decompress a bit. In the afternoon I tend to embroider for a few more hours then I do some emails, take some photos, check in on social media and then finish for the day. It's a good day if we can end it by having a walk on the beach!"


What do you love about hand-embroidery?

"I love how personal it is and how every piece is unique. Yes, it may take longer than a machine but I feel you just can't beat the look"

What is the best thing about your job?

"Getting to know the customers and seeing their children grow up. It's so lovely!"

Our blanket restocks always sell out so fast - sometimes within minutes! What makes the Isla & Fraser X The Little Worne Store collaboration so special?

"I think blankets are so special as they last a lifetime. A blanket can't be outgrown and has so many practical uses but most importantly it is a comfort piece. What makes the Isla & Fraser blankets so special is how soft and cosy they are- they are the perfect weight to fold and bundle up, plus they are 100% organic and the colours are fab!"


What is your favourite blanket/thread colour combination?

"I love oat with dusky rose - such a classic! I also love the sage blanket with parchment"

How do you choose your thread colours?

"I took a long time curating the colours, trying to create something for everyone. I wanted lots of variations - some for those who like bold and bright like Bright Coral and Ocean, and some softer options like Dusky Rose and Pistachio"


What is your favourite name from the last blanket restock?

"We did a Jesse Wilder which I thought was a very cool name. And one of our top picks for Rui if she was a boy!"

What would you love to embroider that you don't currently do?

"I'd love to try something that could be hung up in a bedroom, like an embroidered piece of art"


Now that you have gorgeous baby Rui is it tempting to add embroidery to all of her outfits?

"It SO is but she is sadly always bottom of the list. She has a lot of pending embroidery to do! Thankfully her Isla & Fraser blanket was done before she was born so at least that's ticked off the list!"

Isla & Fraser X The Little Worne Store Personalised Blankets are restocked every month. Check the Personalised Blanket Product Page to view options, thread colours, check the next restock date, and be notified when they are available.